Award-winning steel Zamboni benches
built for Colorado Springs World Arena
One of Westward's architectural
clients won a competition to see who
could design the most unique bench
for the ice rink at the Colorado
Springs World Arena.

We were then commissioned to build
the bench, which was supposed to be
able to withstand hockey fans for at
least 20 years.  It was constructed
from 3/16" steel plate, and weighed
nearly a ton.

The bench became so popular that a
second bench was ordered for the
other entrance to the arena.
The above pot rack was custom
designed for a client in South
Riding, Virginia.  
WESTWARD Machine and Tool, Inc.
Unique Projects
This striking brushed stainless steel fireplace
surround was created to match the stainless
steel guardrail we built for a client's home in
Colorado Springs, Colorado.
(Photo by Carol Sundstrom)
One of our customers designed this aluminum chess set to completely nest inside of
itself, be light weight, store easily, and have a sleek, contemporary look.
Chess anyone?