Westward has vast experience in industrial
metalworking.  Our machine shop features
precision equipment including:

CNC mills,
surface and cylindrical grinders,
saws and
quality control equipment.

We have had excellent experience in machine building, fixturing and toolmaking;
however, due to confidentiality agreements, we
cannot publish pictures of
a large majority of our

In addition to offering
general machining of all
types of metals and plastics, we also offer
the following:

heavy equipment repair  including
fabrication, machining and welding,
machine building and repair including
pneumatics, hydraulics and automated
M.I.G., T.I.G. and stick welding, and
prototyping and consulting services.
WESTWARD Machine and Tool, Inc.
Industrial Metalworking
Westward features a full machine shop and
welding services
316 stainless steel welded parts
Custom fixture tooling for horizontal
machining center
Hail testing device with aluminum molds
Custom steel flanges
Westward's head
machinist Mike
Armstrong is a
Journeyman Tool and
Die Maker certified
through the U.S.
Department of Labor
with more than 25
years of hands-on
HEMI valve cover machining and engraving
Small block Ford lower valley cover
Plastics machining
Steel T.I.G. welding

  •    Addition of Haas TM-
    2P Machining Center
    to further advance the
    automation and ability
    to handle medium
    production demands.

   Implementation of
Solidworks solid-
modeling and
Autodesk Fusion 360
CAM softwares.